What's the difference between pre-approval and pre-qualification?


Before you decide whether to buy or lease a new car in Columbus or Groveport, it's important to think about your Kia financing options throughout the entire process. Once you know that you are approved for a line of credit through a bank, then it's time to pick your terms--but what about before?

There are two main ways for a dealership to help you figure out your situation: credit pre-approval and credit pre-qualification.

And they can be confusing--luckily, we're here to help you figure it out, and make the right decisions for you.

Getting pre-approved for credit is the most rock-solid way to get an accurate offer on a new car lease or loan--and you can do that by easily applying for financing online through Ricart Kia. We'll collect your information, run it through the system, and be able to tell you exactly how much a bank will approve you for in terms of a loan or an auto lease. This is the better option for drivers who know for sure that they're ready to buy.

This does fully check your credit, so it may be a bad idea if you have thin, poor, or no credit.

Pre-qualifying for credit is a better option for very new drivers, for students, or for those with bad credit. We do not run your credit history, so you won't take a hit on your score, but because of that we cannot give a truly accurate view of what you would be approved for. We can provide a range or estimate based on what others in your general situation have been approved for in the past.

This is the better option if you're unsure about buying new.

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